Different issues could occur with different Intel graphics cards, the graphics driver, and/or chipset configurations.

The most common issue shows up after the image is taken. The visual image is rendered black in the Scout upload preview pane and in the ImageReview page. The image is not recoverable.

When imaging several patients at a time, the application could crash after three to five times of going into the imaging page. Cascading error boxes could occur but the application will close unexpectedly in either situation.

When first going into the Imaging screen, there are vertical bars on the thermal image and a horizontal bar of grayscale at the bottom. After 10-15 minutes, the thermal image may correct itself.

When adding a wound location using the 3D Selector model, it does not render properly to see the figure. This was corrected in Scout with a new wound selector model.


There is an Intel Bug with ID #22015737568 causing this issue with WPF applications in Windows and it is affecting our application. It is recommended to change the driver to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

If you require the use of an Intel driver, there is only one that can be used and it is no longer available on Intel's site. Please contact WoundVision for the Intel graphics driver version