A user can launch Scout diagnostics from the Help menu inside of Scout. Once there, click Scout Diagnostics, the software will close, and the tool will load.

A technical resource without access to the Scout software, can open the tool from C:\Program Files\WoundVision\Scout 1.9.4\Diagnostics and launching the ScoutDiagnostics.exe file.

Once it's open, press the Start button, then take note of the results. Specifically, the Visual Camera, Thermal Camera, Thermal Virtual Driver, and the Thermal Driver. If drivers are reporting errors, they can be installed from the software directory. Contact WoundVision support for further questions.

Once the Diagnostics tool has completed, press Send Results so that WoundVision support is aware of the system specs and camera status.

Once the results have been sent, press the Start Camera button to test the camera functionality in the Camera Diagnostic tool. Testing the camera to ensure the problem remains in our diagnostic tool is critical, even if drivers were not found. The problem is in the database if the camera works in the Camera Diagnostics tool but not in Scout Client. Contact WoundVision support with the results.